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  1. giftshopgrrrl said: I thought Ami’s looked better than Usagi’s

same here

different person lol if im to comment on that though i'd say toei did a shit job tbh, it's kinda awkward when that 3d winx club looks better

idk what 3d winx club is but my comment still stands that some cgi noodle arms aren’t insulting.

i wouldn't say transformations are a small addition lol definitely not

and i still don’t think having cgi in them is ~~~insulting to the fanbase~~~

what r ur thoughts on the cgi in sm crystal? personally i don't think it comes close to being anywhere near the iconic level of the original sm, and i find it quite insulting to the fanbase.

i’m not super crazy about how the cgi was used but i think saying it’s insulting to the fanbase it going too far lol. i was more surprised by the inconsistent animation in episode 2. so many times things looked noticeably off and it was jarring and took me out of the episode a couple times. but the original sailor moon’s animation was off at times too and it’s ~iconic. so basically i think people need to chill out and stop acting like just because they dislike a small detail that it’s an insulting addition to the anime.

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what sort of computer do you have?

Sony vaio